Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chickens are finally done!

Well after the great summer chicken massacre I am preparing to butcher some chickens. They have been in the chicken tractor and have been safe. I tried to get a weight on one but a squirming chicken and a electric scale just don't mesh. The one I weighed several times varied by two pounds from 6 to 8 so I am not really sure how big they are. They are big enough to make wonderful roasters so to the butcher they go. We have a wonderful lady that butchers for us and is so worth the few dollars it cost. I am ready for some chicken and dumplin's!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Piggie Kisses!!

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Nesting is AWESOME!!


Well I am finally feeling like doing something. The first order of business was to get the canned goods organized. My sweet husband was patient at putting some new shelves together just for jars and canning "stuff". I spent two days hunting and organizing. I had stashed can goods all over the house we did not have enough shelf space for the 1500 jars of goodness from last year. I put them under the bed, in every nook and cranny. It was frustrating for me to cook because I was always hunting for that spacial jar of something. I am pleased with the new shelf it holds what was left form last year but I am already stashing this years stuff. I will be very happy when we get the addition done and I have a whole room for canned goods!! Just the thought makes me giddy!! Now to get the closets cleaned out!! Yes that is a HUGE can of hot fudge sauce..... a girl has needs!!!!
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