Monday, August 5, 2013

Commercial Kitchen

I love to cook, well really I LOVE to eat great food.  I spend many many hours in our little farm kitchen dreaming of 6 burner gas stoves and stainless steel counter tops.  As the farm grows we are planning to add a commercial kitchen to our many farm buildings.  We have been asked to sell some of our signature jams and jelly to restaurants and stores, and we would have to process those in a licensed kitchen.  Right now I have access to rent one when I need to but it would be so much better if I could just go out and do what I need right here at the farm.  It would also make summer canning camp easier for me.  The cost of renting for camp is horrid which makes the cost of the classes higher..not good for anyone not to mention all the equipment I have to haul back and fourth.
  So being the visual person I am I started looking for ideas of how I would like the kitchen to be.  Pinterest is really a dangerous place...oh how the drool flows when I see lovey kitchens like this one.  Open shelves for all that beautiful canning gear, huge stove, lots of natural sunlight. Just beautiful!  I will be keeping this photo in my stash hoping for construction to start this next spring...