Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Poor Gladys has about three weeks left untilshe calves. She is quite wide and I have noticed that she is moving slower and with a big waddle! I feel for her I remember those last few weeks of pregnancy..... it's a uncomfortable time. Hopefully she will have a healthy heifer calf for us!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Let there be BASIL!! Wahoooooo!!

Piggie love

We were finally able to get the piggies. We have three very cute happy piggies living in the corner of the upper garden. They seem happy and are quite friendly. We got two females and one male. I am happy at the way they have settled in they got right to work at rooting up the pen they are in. Right now they are in a smaller pen so they can get to know us. They will go out in a larger pasture in a few weeks.

We have been busy in the gardens, the weather has been wet and cold. We are behind a bit on the planting from last year. I hope to get the 400 tomato plants out this weekend and follow with the peppers and warm weather stuff. We are eating lettuce and spinach from the garden and loving it!! Three weeks till first CSA shares go out!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Growing Lambs

The bummer lambs are growing like little weeds. I think tomorrow if the weather is good they will go on a field trip outside for a bit of fresh air.
We have been BUSY in the gardens. We have over 700 plants out and a few thousand more that will go out over the next few weeks. I have been fighting the mouse in the greenhouse, it ate the basil AGAIN! I am so tired of seeding basil only to have them mowed down. Tonight I put out several traps set with basil and basil seed I hope we get it tonight.
I am in the process of trying to do a website for the CSA. It is so frustrating.. I have just enough computer skills to make a mess. Hopefully we will get things straightened out by the first CSA delivery.
We are scheduled for warm weather this week YAHOO!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I see more.......Thyme in my future............

I got a wonderful opportunity to take a brief vacation from farm life. I went home to visit family for three days!!! ALL BY MYSELF!! oh ya it was awesome. I love the farm and would not change a thing but it is nice to get a breather.
We are in the process of drying off Gladys and Mable. Gladys is due to have her calf mid May and Mable is mid June. We are no longer milking Gladys and we are fast approaching that with Mable. I am happy and sad for this.. I will miss the milk and the time spent in the barn but I am looking forward to sweet new calves. We are keeping our fingers crossed for heifers.
The greenhouse is overflowing with plants. This spring has been COLD and wet some plants are in a holding pattern for warmer weather. I think we are scheduled for some of that later this week. I will be working long hours to get everything in that I have waiting. The herbs in the greenhouse are really enjoying the hot humid climate and have put on tons of growth I have noticed the biggest growth in the thyme it needs a haircut!! Time to make my famous onion thyme jam... yum!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I hate mice......

I guess you NEVER leave your seed box in the greenhouse overnight with a mouse around. Now since it ate all the basil as a appetizer it was on the lookout for something with a bit of crunch. My seeds were on the menu. It ate ALL the squash,melons,herb,carrot, and radish seed!! I don't know where that little guy put it all but I cannot find any of the above. It shredded most of the seed packets and made a HUGE mess in my seed box.. I guess I learned a good lesson now the seed box comes in the house.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring ups and downs

We have had some crazy weather lately.. I am not sure we will have fruit this year. We had snow and ice last week and we are supposed to get some arctic weather in a few days. The pasture and gardens are swampy and difficult to get about in. The greenhouse is getting a back log of plants that need to get out but with the rain and cold I have hesitated. It is chilly for April and the things that are in the garden are slow to grow. I hope things improve in the next few weeks or we will be playing catch up all summer.