Sunday, March 27, 2011

The changes of life

Photo by ladybugbkt

So once again things are changing here on the farm. We have had some difficulty with #4's teachers. I have been to the school more times than I can could count and was re-teaching everything to him when he got home form school. The teacher was unkind in so many ways, it was just too much.
I took the leap and we are now homeschooling #4 and #5. It is a big step, I am still a bit shocked at our choice but I can already see a huge difference in attitude and self esteem. A poor teacher can really do quite a bit of dammage and we are working on repairing that.
I have some friends that Homeschool, (and do it well)and have gotten so much help from them. I LOVE the curriuclms that we are using and it really makes teaching my kiddos fun. I am glad for the change but terrified all the same. I love being with the kids and they have really stepped it up a notch and are doing wonderful things.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I love the ups man.........

I got an amazing early birthday gift today from Hunky Hubby!!! I was so excited that #1 thought that I might be loosing my marbles.
I do a ton of canning in the summer, and love to use my pressure canner. I had one that would can 7 quarts at once, that is OK if you only do a bit of canning. Two years ago I canned over 1500 quarts all of them 7 at a time. I spent most of the summer standing at the stove.
I am so thrilled with the new canner, it will process 19 quarts at a time!!!! It is a huge thing and weighs almost 40 pounds. I think my canning will go much faster with this new addition. I think I could just scream I am so excited!! Thanks Hubby..