Thursday, November 19, 2009

R.I.P camera...sniff sniff

Well it finally happened.. my camera has taken a turn for the worse. It all started with a overnight on the air conditioner outside in the rain...( thanks to hunky husband and the addition photos) then a drop on to a gravel road during the trail ride and now finally the creative juices of a 6 year old are just too much. I was quite happy with my camera and now am quite sad. With holidays and baby coming I guess I am going to have to go camera shopping.. I never know what to get there are too many choices and well as you can imagine I don't want to spend a ton of money. The last camera went MIA at the downtown Halloween fest several years ago, we seem to have a hard time keeping a hold of a camera!! What kind of camera do you use??

Saturday, November 14, 2009


We have or should I say I have had a stomach bug. It has made for a LONG hard week. It has been such a long time since I have been ill like that. I had forgotten how much having a temp can slow one down. I am thrilled however it was only a stomach bug, with all the creepy flu's that are out there I'll take the stomach one. I am not up to eating much yet but feel so much better. I sure am glad to be out of bed!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Recycled wool soakers

Here are the soakers for baby#6. I made them with old wool sweaters, I choose the softest wool I could find. Both are a merino/cashmere blend and they are super soft. I wish that I could find pink or white but this will work out just fine. I used another free pattern and they look big to me. I have wool left over so I think I will cut it down a bit and make another one. I like using the old sweaters. The ones we have been using for various things have come mostly from our little thrift shop in town. I got 6 lovely sweaters for 1.00 gotta love that!! This is a good way for me to get the soakers I need.. you see I am yarn impaired... I LOVE the look of knitted things and have tried on several occasions to knit or even crochet, but alas I end up frustrated. I just don't seem to get it, so for now we are having a blast with old sweaters. I have great plans in the works and have stared a bit on that rug. I am thrilled so far with my progress. I hope to get it done before the really cold weather sets in. Wood floors are awesome but a bit cold on the feet in the morning.....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Homemade diapers

I have been busy sewing for baby #6. I have just about finished the newborn diapers, I have 21 done minus the touch tape. I had to order the touch tape and it has yet to come. I have two more to sew but I am out of fleece. I hope to go the the city later this week and get some more supplies.
I am very happy with how the diapers are turning out.. I had to buy some fleece and the touch tape the rest I had on hand. I made the inner absorbent layer from some old microfiber towels that my sister had. I did buy some waterproofing spray for the outer layer...but I also made some wool soakers just in case. I have never used that spray so I am not sure how well it works. I need to get going on some bigger ones these are tiny tiny for a newborn. I got a pattern free off the net and it is adjustable. I found some of the waterproof knit and I am anxious to try it out on the bigger ones. I am not too sure how many to make...It has been 6 years since we had to diaper around here and I am a bit rusty! I figured for the new born that I would change every 2 hours or so....but once they get a bit bigger they wet more but less often. I want to have enough to not have to wash every day.. I do laundry every day I just don't want to HAVE to do laundry every day.. you know what I mean???? I think about 30 of the larger ones will be ok. I like sewing again I cut out everything and then sit down and sew assembly line style and it goes really quick. I got 10 done in a little less than two hours so not too time consuming. I think that these diapers are so cute it will make diaper duty almost FUN!!