Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Farmers market in full swing

OK I know I have been neglecting things here. Things are so BUSY I am running at full speed and still not getting everything done. The gardens are looking great and producing like mad. We have been going to the Saturday market and sold out every week. It is nice not to have to pack all that back in the van.
Gladys and Lucy are perfect!! Mable is gonna explode I gotta get a picture of her udder it is HUGE!!! Poor gal.
Everything else is the same...I'm just here weedin away...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Random Garden Photos

We have had a ton of rain and the gardens are a muddy mess. There are a few lovely things that shine through the mud... beautiful eggplant,Chinese cabbage and a squash plant loaded with blooms...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garlic harvest

We pulled the garlic today it looks good. The bulbs will cure in the garage for a few weeks and then be included in the CSA shares. The smaller bulbs will be saved for planting in the fall. Homegrown garlic has a wonderful flavor I love to use it in my cooking it really adds so much. I think we will plant more next year we got about 200 heads from a 30 foot row. I would like to dry some and use some for the cattle. I have some spring garlic I am anxious to see how those bulbs look I think they will be ready in a few weeks.

Happy one week birthday Lucy!!

Lucy is doing great and growing by leaps and bounds. She is such a cutie! I am still doing the happy farmer dance I am so happy we got a GIRL!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well it FINALLY happened. I went out Thursday morning to check Gladys and was greeted by a bouncing beautiful jersey calf. I was thinking that poor Gladys was gonna burst I have never seen a cow look so uncomfortable, she couldn't even lay down Wednesday. I was really getting worried and began to wonder if the calf was OK. I had a farmer friend come and see Gladys to get his opinion, he said " Yep she's gonna have a calf soon!" I should of known!! The old farmers around here laugh at my spoiled cows... they tell me I have a cow resort going on here.. Well you know what they say about happy cows.
OK now I know you are really reading this to find out what the baby was OK ready......... A GIRL WAHOO!!!!! I am doing the happy farmer dance. We maned her Lucy and she is a doll. I am in total heifer love. Now if Mable will have a girl our prayers will be answered!!