Sunday, November 14, 2010


We have a lovely neighbor with a rather large pear tree. The poor tree was so loaded with fruit that the branches needed support. I asked if we could gather some of the fallen pears for pear butter and to my surprise she said that we could have all the pears we wanted! I love pears but they take quite a bit of time to preserve. My sweet Mother in Law came out and helped. We peeled and chopped pears for most of the day. Our efforts payed off and we have lots of canned pears for this winter. I am still working up some of the smaller pears for jams and butter. What a blessing!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Farm life is a busy one....

When we bought this farm I was sure that we would be busy, I really didn't have any clue how busy we were going to be. Hunky Hubby and I are creative people.. which means that we ALWAYS have projects in the works. Some are small and some are huge. We are currently adding an addition to our house, we have two bedrooms right now.. Yep do the math 8 people in a two bedroom house. It's crazy! With the five kids in one bedroom and hunky hubby, myself and baby#6 in the other we learn exactly how far we can push our patience.
We began the addition bits and pieces about a year after we moved in. We are building ourselves ...which equates to conversations like:
Hunky: Hey can you come out and help me lift up this wall?
Me: ummm OK let me finish feeding the baby, and I will be out
Hunky: OK well can you hurry up
Me: thinking how exactly do you get a baby to nurse faster???
OK so I go outside...
Me: I am here what do you need..
Hunky: well help me lift this 20ft wall with two window headers and sheeting up...
Me: how much does that weigh???
Hunky: oh maybe several hundred pounds
Me: and you want ME to lift that????
Hunky: ya I'll help it will be easy
Me:....thinking you gotta be kidding.. that wall weighs more than twice my body weight and with the wind that we ALWAYS have I could be smashed like a pancake in 2.6 seconds.....well OK if you think it will be OK... by the way I like the hospital that is south of here better that the one north.. just so you know

OK so with a great effort the wall goes up!!

Hunky: OK hold that there while I brace it up
Me: you want me to hold this huge wall up all by myself while you bang on it with a hammer????
Hunky: ya
Me: you know that I am NOT a construction worker right??? and this wall is huge and if it falls in me how the heck are you gonna get it off me???
Hunky: it will be OK just hold the wall......

We now have all the exterior walls and interior walls up!!(thank heavens)
now hunky says its time for the ceiling joist.....someone please call a construction worker for me.