Friday, April 9, 2010


Coco is 6 weeks younger than Lucy. She started off small and thin, I was surprised because Mable is a BIG girl. Lucy was a bully with the food and poor Coco was usually left with very little. Despite that Coco is growing up to be a beautiful cow. She is now bigger than Lucy. I see some of Mable's markings on her and am anxious for the winter fuzz to shed away and see if she is brindle. I love the coloring of Mable, I really hope Coco is the same.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Lucy is now 10 months old, we plan on breeding her this fall and then milking her. Her mother, Galdys, is a dream cow. I was hoping that Lucy would follow in her mothers hooves but I have spoiled her too much. When she was small I would touch her all over, pick up her feet and just rub her down. She really liked it, in fact she likes it so much that now you can't do anything in the pasture without her in your back pocket.
I was out collecting eggs and Lucy wanted love. I had my hands full and could not pet her... she did NOT like that I was not paying full attention to her. She figured that maybe I needed to be reminded that she was the only reason to go in the pasture and she nudged me with her head. I told her that there were other animals that needed me also. She did not like being told that the farm did not revolve around her. I turned my back to fill the water trough and she nudged me again. I did pet her for a few minutes and when I tryed to leave she rammed me in to the barn!! It was such a shock that I just stood there. She slammed me again, I guess to get her point across, this time I popped her on the nose and yelled NO LUCY!! She was devastated and ran off in a huff.
I need to work with her on who is boss. She is too big to do things like that. I was left with a huge bruise but if it had been one of the kiddos they might of gotten really hurt. I think I will be doing chores with a switch for a while.