Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby #6 has some talent!!

Baby 6 had always loved music. Just turn on some music or sing her an song and she turns from screaming to a little princess. We have a recorder that the kids use for school and she had figured out how it works. It is so sweet. She blows and moves her fingers to get it to make different sounds and them grins like a cheschire cat when it works. Babies are so wonderful in that they show pure joy at simple things. I wonder when we loose that.. it is so hard sometimes to just enjoy life. Things have been busy here and we have spent way too much time with doctors lately...but I have really been enjoying the greenhouse,sewing and my new coupon love. I guess being busy is a good thing......

Friday, February 11, 2011

Learning new things is fun!

We use cloth diapers for baby #6 and a few weeks ago there was a diaper swap at our local cloth diaper store. I was able to sell off the diapers that were getting too small and in the process I met a lovely lady. We were stationed close to each other during the swap and we got to talking. She was amazing and I learned a very use full thing from her that I have always been curious Yep I know it is silly but there have been several times in my life when I have been at the market behind some lady with a buggy stacked with groceries and hands the checker a fist full of coupons and her total ends up being something like $4.23!! How do they do that??? I really have wondered... we don't buy much processed foods and our grocery budget is not horrid with the huge garden and animals, but you still have to buy some things, why not get them for cheap??
So anyway we went to lunch and she told me all the scoop on coupons. I came home and was really excited to get started. One major problem was getting the coupons, we live in the country and getting the Sunday paper delivered doesn't work and we do not shop on Sunday.. what's a farm girl to do?? Raid the recycling that's what and I scored big time. I came home with the coupon inserts from several weeks. I found a great website that tells you what coupons to use and where so I ventured out. Walgreens is close and they had a few things that were on sale that we use. I have to admit that I was worried... what if all this doesn't go as planned and I have this buggy full of stuff and not really wanting to pay full price for any of it. I watched as the checker rang me total was getting higher and higher..till it finally reached 120.64! (OUCH!! I have NEVER spent that much at Walgreens) I was probably white as a sheet.. I handed over my coupons...OK here we go I thought this is not going to work out and Hunky Hubby is gonna kill me.... 120.64..95.25...87.23..74.00..62.29..40.99..34.75.... and finally 31.89!! 31.89?? really?? Oh my GOSH!! that was so COOL!! I also got two coupons for my next visit to Walgreen totaling $8.00. So I got $120.64 dollars of stuff for $23.89... Yep I'm hooked