Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Onion soup anyone?

Well weather in the midwest can be feast or famine, I planted out 360 onions and the next night we got over 2 inches of hard rain here at the farm. These poor onions look like they have had a real beating but will recover when things dry out a bit. I went a bit nuts and ordered lots of onions, last year we planted 300 or so total and ran out of onions by January so this year I was going to make sure we had enough in storage. I got this great onion catalog and was amazed at the selection, I got on line and ordered 18 bunches, now at the time I worried a bit "is that going to be enough for us and the CSA?". Once the box arrived I opened it to beautiful earthy smelling onions and not just a few, a 10 pound box!! 18 bunches with about 5 dozen per bunch adds up to plenty of onions. I am excited to get the rest planted I have visions of beautiful potato leek soup this next winter.

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