Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Introducing Gladys

Well it seems when you are least expecting it things all fall in to place. I went to a farm auction a few weeks ago to bid on a old family milk cow to keep Mable company and to insure a constant milk supply. The cow at the farm was a very old cow that was crossed with a beef cow... not the best for what we wanted but would do. I checked the sale barn prices for similar cows and had a good idea of what she was worth. I got my number and waited most of the day till they finally came to this cow. The bidding began and it got higher and higher until finally I backed down. That silly cow went for double what it should have! After the sale, a older Amish man came to me asking if I wanted to look at a cow. It was a 6-year-old Jersey! Wahoo! I went right over and was greeted by a lovely petite gem. I am so impressed by this cow. She is as gentle as a huge dog, comes when I call her to milk, and when we milk we just tether her to the fence and she stands there like it's the thing to do. She is such a sweetheart! I am so thrilled.

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