Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where has the time gone????

Good heavens I am so shocked when I look at the calendar and see it is AUGUST!!?? The kids go back to school Thursday, six more weeks of CSA and Coco (above) is 6 weeks old. Did you catch the Coco thing?? I bet you are wondering about HER??? Well you guessed it Mable had a GIRL!! Yahoo doin the happy farmer dance!! I am so happy that we had two girls. The girls are both doing great and growing like little weeds. We had their horns removed last week and they were a bit upset with me but seem to have made a full recovery. The farm is busy... a ton had happened. We have some new additions and we had some sad losses.
Reina our beautiful Maremma livestock dog passed away. She had horrid hips and got to the point that she could not walk. I was quite attached to her and am saddened by her leaving us. With her gone the wildlife found the all you can eat chicken buffet and have killed all but one of the chickens(we had 97) killed all the ducks,all the turkeys and got my geese as well. In all we have lost over 150 birds in a matter of weeks. I have some chickens in a tractor that are three months old so we are with out eggs. I am sick of finding dead chickens all over. I suppose with only one lonely hen I won't find many more.
Meatloaf our steer was struck by lightning. He was 30 days from butchering. We were not able to save any of the meat. That was our beef for the next year. I refuse to buy store beef so we are trying to get ribeye to gain quickly but we are careful with what we feed and weight gain is slow. He weighs about 700 lbs. I like to butcher at about 1000lbs. We will see he might have to go in sooner than that. Such a disappointment.
Good news we were blessed to find a new livestock dog and I think she will do well. We have only had her for three days. She is 15 months old and needs some manners but is a sweet girl.
Gardens are OK the weather has been so odd... it really didn't get hot and we have had quite a bit of rain. The tomatoes have suffered, this wet weather has them split and not so pretty. At least they taste good. We have been canning the worst and I have made some awesome pasta sauce. I haven't canned as much this year. I haven't felt like standing at the stove for hours at a time... wanna know why?? OK big drum roll..... we are expecting baby #6 in January!!


Renae said...

Wow, you guys are busy!
Congrats on the baby news!
And we're sorry about all the livestock losses. That really is a big bummer.

Tara said...

I guess there's always good with the bad - congrats on the gains (can't wait to meet baby #6!!) and condolences on your losses - crazy times with poor meatloaf and your birds. I hope all turns out well, and good luck with your wee one!! We miss you!

Angelica said...

Congratulations to baby #6.

I love your blog. I found it yesterday. Lovely fotos and lots to read.
It´s interesting to read about your life as a farmer. We are farmers as well but in Sweden. We only grow silage and other crops, we don´t have cows any more.


Hickory Hill FarmGirl said...

Congrats for baby no. 6!

So sad about you animals! I lost 4 chickens to coyotes. I used to let the girls roam around...now I have to keep them under lock and key. :(