Friday, January 22, 2010


After we lost Reina it seemed best that we always have two livestock guarding dogs. Malibu has been with us since mid summer and we had been on the lookout for a companion for her. Just before Christmas I found some puppies for sale. We got a male in hopes that he will get HUGE!!! I want the coyotes to see him and run far away from our farm.... Duke's dad was 175 pounds and I hope that Duke will follow suite. He was a scrawny little thing when we brought him home but after a month of warm milk and food he has doubled in size. He needed some social skills and was not to sure of Malibu. The kids have been loving on him and Malibu has a blast rough-housing with him. I was hoping that Malibu would teach him all he needed to know to protect all the critters in the pasture. Well it seems that he has been teaching Malibu some VERY bad things.....
We have not had a bit of trouble with Malibu leaving the pasture until now. I found both her and Duke in the road yesterday.... today they were both COVERED with cockle burrs. They must of gone exploring in the woods across the road. Hunky hubby also found Malibu in the road with a man trying desperately to take her. I am not pleased with the lessons that have been going on in the pasture. Poor Malibu is now locked in with the calves and Duke the barn. I hate to keep them penned up but am at a loss of what to do.
Duke has also had a few chicken not what I had in mind. He is supposed to protect them not dine on them!!! I am not so sure a puppy was a great idea, I hope he grows out of this and Malibu forgets the roaming lesson.

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Cathy Cobblestone said...

Sometimes those animals jus' don't do what they are supposed to!!! I know all to well. Like when mine loves to roll in the "fresh" cow manure - jus' lovely. It's just part of it I guess but it does get frustrating. So how are you feeling? Not much longer - hope all goes well and congrats early on the upcoming baby girl! Cathy