Thursday, May 13, 2010

New raspberry patch

We have raspberries and blackberries in the orchard already but due to a huge oversight it is now overgrown with very thorny blackberries. When we started planning the farm out and ordering trees and such we found a great deal on some blackberry canes. We planted like 50. They were the wild variety come to find out and now we have a 100x60 patch of thorns. We have cut them down, we have tilled them under and it seems to have spurred the canes in to the super cane I will not die mode. Somewhere in the midst of the thorny kingdom are my lovely red raspberry canes. I can see them I just can't get to them. So now in despair and desperation to have raspberry canes (so I can make my famous raspberry chipotle jam) I planted another patch. Stark brothers was having a sale and I bought 12 new canes.. I planted them FAR away from the thorny dungeon. Here's hoping they do well!!


inadvertent farmer said...

Oh wild blackberries are the worst and thorniest of weeds here in the Pacific Northwest. I hate them all by 2 months of the year when they are full of berries...the rest of the time I curse them!

Good luck with the new raspberry patch! Kim

Tara said...

I have many memories of fighting the wild blackberry bushes growing up in WA - and also many memories of wonderful, warm, ripe, delicious pick-it-and-put-it-in-your-mouth raspberries - that taste still takes me back. Definitely worth battling blackberries. Or buying new canes. :)

Jason said...

that makes me feel both nostalgic and hungry. We used to pick tons of raspberries when i was growing up, and after we moved to the city, our next door neighbor had some HUGE ones in his backyard, that had spread to behind his fence on our side...I think we had more than he did, LOL.