Monday, June 28, 2010

Yep I am still here........

With the start of summer well on it's way I really thought things would calm down. With softball,construction,gardens,orchard,cows,sheep,chickens and 6 kiddos I somehow thought that summer would allow more time..HA nope we are juat as busy as ever but we are having fun at it. We have spent many hours at the pool and goofin off. We are working like mad on the house addition and it is so exciting to be planning for it.
The garden looks great we have been canning a bit and I have beets that are waiting for me to work them up.
Gladys is due with her calf in August, we are getting ready to wean the bull calves so things are going to be a bit noisy around here... the boys are very attached to Gladys and cry if she just goes around the corner of the barn so I am sure that they are going to bawl big time.
With baby #6 Mable did not get bred... I am sad about that but that's how farm life is we have her for sale and hope to replace her with a beef mama.
Lucy and Coco are HUGE.. they both just turned one and are to be bred this summer. They look great I am so pleased with how they are turning out.
Well that's just a small part of the summer goings on I suppose I need to get to theose beets.... see ya later!!

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inadvertent farmer said...

Summer is crazy on a farm to be sure! Kim