Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New wool longies

Baby #6 is almost 9 months old! I can't get over how fast she is growing, she is at a whopping 22 lbs. I am seeing her become more independent and trying to do things on her own. Having a baby in the house again after such a long break is really fun.

I have been very pleased with the cloth diapers. They have changed so much since I used them with #1 and #2. They are so much easier and CUTE to boot. We use fitted diapers and a wool cover at home and a all in one diaper for when we go out. The wool covers are so wonderful, they keep her warm and dry. I used plastic with my oldest two and it was awful, the covers were hot and made a yucky plastic noise when they moved. They were not snugglie at all. I have used a wool soaker that looks kinda like the pull on plastic pants but with the cooler weather I wanted something that would keep her legs warm. I ordered these longies and they are lovely. They are made from soft merino wool and hand dyed. I am so pleased with how they fit and feel. I think we will be using more wool as the weather gets colder.

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