Sunday, November 14, 2010


We have a lovely neighbor with a rather large pear tree. The poor tree was so loaded with fruit that the branches needed support. I asked if we could gather some of the fallen pears for pear butter and to my surprise she said that we could have all the pears we wanted! I love pears but they take quite a bit of time to preserve. My sweet Mother in Law came out and helped. We peeled and chopped pears for most of the day. Our efforts payed off and we have lots of canned pears for this winter. I am still working up some of the smaller pears for jams and butter. What a blessing!!

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Katmom said...

Hey Heather,
have you ever tried making Apple-Pear sauce?
Just use an apple sauce canning recipe but use 1/2 apples & 1/2 pears...oh yummmm!
We planted 5 pear trees, 2 Bartlette, 2 Anjou and 1 Asian...I can hardly wait for them to start bearing fruit!
Enjoy your bounty of pears...