Monday, December 2, 2013

I had a scary thought...........

I just realized that I had never milked a cow as an adult until we brought home our first cow Lola. Kinda hard  to believe it now when I think about it.  If I had really known all the hard work I might of ran screaming through the pasture.  That was over 7 year ago.  Tonight I milked late, the barn was dark and quite as I entered with all the various bits it takes to milk, the milker, the wash water, all my rags and the treats for the ladies.  Once I enter the barn I fall into a rhythm, I have done this so many times that my body seems to know what to do even if my brain is deep in thought as it was tonight. I prepare the feed for the girls tonight we had oats,barley,sunflower seeds,chopped apples and molasses, by far this is a favorite.  The cows are waiting and listening for that moment when I open the large sliding door to let them come into the warm glow of the barn lights.  Each cow knows where she belongs, they rush to their stanchions and eagerly begin munching.  I take a few minuted to brush them and then to give them a good udder wash before I hook up the milker.  When we were milking Lola we milked by hand, now with three fresh cows we are using the bucket milker.  I flip the switch for the vacuum pump the swish and tick of the milker is like a gentle slow dance.  I sit next to the cow that is being milked with my head in her flank listening to her breathing, watching the milker to ensure all is well.  I talk to the cows about anything and everything they are thoughtful listeners and will listen to me ramble along about life.  I have really come to love my time in the barn.  It centers me and gives me solace and peace from my very hectic life.  I am amazed when I think of how this all started with Lola, all the fear and questions  have faded with time and lots of hands on time milking.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to care for these gentle loving animals I get so much more than milk from them. Thanks Girls!

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