Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brick, Stick and Straw

Well on our quest to raise all our food we ventured into the meat department. Last summer I went to a local Amish community and purchased three piglets weighing a total of about 50 pounds. We brought them home and started feeding them a diet of clabbered milk and some cracked corn. We let them into their new home, a 1/2 acre pasture, they grazed and did a great job of clearing the land for future use. My better half built them a perfect little pig hut so they could get out of the sun and rain. During the hottest part of the summer we got them a plastic kiddie pool and would fill that with water so they could cool down in the heat of the day. Now two of the three reside in our deep freeze in the garage, was it worth it ? YES we have 400 pounds of pasture raised all natural pork. The cost, 60.00 for the piglets, about 125.00 for feed and then 185.00 for a total of 360.00 for 400 pounds of meat. 400? Yep we did loose one to a genetic disorder. So now we have three more piglets this time bought at a small animal auction house I paid 5.00 a piece and they look great. Keep tuned for stories of "Breakfast" "Lunch" and "Dinner"

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