Friday, April 25, 2008

Sad day

Lola has been here on our farm for over two years and I have to say I am quite attached to her. We were excited that she was expecting a beautiful calf any day now. I had been worried about her for the past few weeks. She just did not have the motherly appearance she should have had for a healthy pregnancy. We had her artificially inseminated back in July which would make her due right about now. We had her pregnancy checked by a vet last fall and all was well. Today after no signs if impending labor I had her checked again and we found her to not be pregnant. She must have lost the calf at some point. This is truly sad news. We tried five times before we were able to get her bred and have waited 9 months for nothing. She has had twins before and the man that checked her thinks that she possibly has some internal damage that won't let her carry a pregnancy to term. We are heart broken. She will go to the sale barn tomorrow. I feel sick at the thought but have no other option. I pray that she will be treated with kindness and respect. She is a wonderful loving cow and our farm will never be the same without her.

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