Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Something new!!

I come from a long line of wonderful women who sew, not just ordinary sewing I mean AWESOME sewing. These women can make anything... from nothing, no pattern... no help just some fabric and a sewing machine. My mother has made things that should be in museums. She made the most incredible blessing dress for my girls. It is a lovely french hand sewn heirloom. It blows anything I have ever seen in a shop out of the water.
I have tried in the past to do a bit of sewing it's gotta be in my blood somewhere, only to get frustrated and shove the whole lot back in the bottom of the closet. The problem arises however is I LOVE vintage fabric and styles. I have come by some dresses and such at tag sales and thrift shops but nothing ever seems to fit well. I get out the machine and try again... somethings have been a success. My biggest frustration has been a lack of a good machine. The last one had a computer issue and would decide that sewing backwards was the only way to go. That was a real pain in the tush!! I had pretty much given up on the sewing thing......

We used cloth diapers with some of the children and I decided that baby #6 would be a cloth baby also. I had given away my stash of cloth diapers long ago so was on the hunt for the latest and greatest diaper. I found that diapers had changed a ton since I was using them last. The new diapers are really fun and cute. I was hooked. I could just see our little girl scooting about in a lovely little bubble butt. I got down to business and started looking for the best diaper. Geesh!! Cloth diapers, well the cute ones, are expensive!!! Like $15-20 EACH.. OK I need at least 20 diapers that puts me washing every other day, OK 15 x 20 is a whopping $300.
My lands what are those diapers made of??? I found a great store that sells beautiful used cloth diapers I bought 6 newborn ones. They are nice I like them BUT after looking at them there just isn't much to them..You can see where this is going.... I decided after a few internet searches that yep I think I can make those!! I break out the machine and scissors and set to work. I found a great pattern (with a online tutorial) and went through my fabric stash. I cut out 15... that seems like a lot... I got worried. I sat down and sewed one.. Hey it was REALLY cute and not too hard.. I mad another and another now I have a stack of 10 done!! YAHOO!!! I am really excited they are so cute.
The ones I am making have to have a cover on them.. Drat now what??? I got searching and wanted to use a wool soaker over the diaper.. I don't knit or crochet.... well after a bit of fun computer time I found out that you can re-purpose a old wool sweater in to a diaper soaker. I had a few sweaters that were a lovely soft wool that I didn't wear any longer. I washed them in hot and dried them twice and took the scissors to them. They turned out pretty good!!

With a small bit of sewing success I am itching to do more. I love this blog because she used old things to make new things.. and they are very CUTE!! I also love because they can actually read a pattern and make such cute things. These are so inspiring... I'm gonna go sew!!!


Renae said...

O.K. Heather you are hard-core, making your own diapers. I haven't ever done that, although I did make my own breast pads.

Glad you are having success. I love it when a plan comes together. You need to post a pic or two of your cutie patootie diapers so we all can see them.

Heather said...

I am having issues with my camera, it seems that if your hunky husband leaves it out in the rain it won't work as well....on the hunt for a new one then I will post photos.. they are so cute!!!