Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lucy and Coco

Lucy and Coco have been moved to the weaning pen finally. They are unhappy to be away from Galdys but they were taking most of the milk and really chewing up poor Gladys. Gladys wasn't too happy about the situation she stood by the pen and cried for days. Gladys is a sweet mama.
Lucy is doing so well. She loves attention and comes running when she sees you.. she can be a bit of a pest. She knocked all the eggs out of my hands yesterday so I would pet her!! I have been working with her and getting her used to being touched all over. I pick up her feet and rub her all over she could care less. Coco on the other hand still hasn't decided that being petted is fun. You can touch the top of her head but if you reach for her chin or something she shys away. She is so much like her mother. I wasn't sure that Coco would be brindle like Mable but with her long winter coat I can see some color changes. I will be anxious for her to shed this spring to see what's hiding under that thick coat.


Sylwia said...

i just wanted to tell you that i am fascinated by your farm life and i read every bit. so many people including myself talk about living on a farm the old fashioned way, but none of us ever do anything to get there.

but you are actually doing it! i love it! it's so wonderful!

after reading your posts, however, i decided that I'm probably too lazy to be a farmer. it's work work work. of course there is a lot of satisfaction but i cant seem to get past the work part...

Heather said...

It is a ton of work but it is SO worth it!! I love our little farm and the knowledge that our food is healthy and safe!