Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It snowed here on the farm last night, not a ton just enough to make everything white and pretty. I love the first snow and really I love snow when I can stay here in the house. We have not really had any bad winter weather yet so I suppose it was time.
I went to the "city" yesterday for my Dr's apt. I thought that I would do a bit of shopping in preparation for the holidays. We live in a small town the shopping is limited to pretty much one store. I usually can get what I need here and don't want for anything else. I thought it would help inspire me for some gift ideas at the larger stores. We are working very hard this year to only get educational items for the children. I am really sick of cheap plastic toys. I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of "stuff" these stores had. I was incredibly ill and frustrated by the time I left the stores. I was looking for basic cooking things... games... wooden blocks I didn't think that what I wanted was odd. It seems by the look on several workers faces that yes indeed I was a oddball for wanting something like watercolor paper.
I drove the 45 minutes home with gladness in my heart that we live in a small town. I am so happy with our little farm, with the cute one stoplight town and being late to church because we were stuck behind a combine on the highway... Life is good!!


Jeannette said...

Ah yes, the days of oragmi and watercolors, Grandma still has them framed on her walls. Tonight I posted the recipe for the ornaments we made with our children. Homemade Christmas is best. Enjoy yours. Weren't you brave to face the stores. I bet you could still order simple things on line and stay warm and cozy.

Kate Beem said...

Hi, Heather:

Have you tried US Toy? It's a drive for you -- I-435 and State Line. They also have a catalog and also go by the name "Constructive Playthings." Great stuff.

Kate Beem
(one of your CSA customers)

Heather said...

I used to go there and thought it was wonderful, lots of wood toys and art supplies I had forgotten about them I think I will try there THANKS!!!