Monday, March 22, 2010

Darn Diaper Pattern.....

We are in a diaper disaster... I was very happy to have made with my own two hands about 50 cloth diapers for baby #6. I found what I thought a wonderful pattern, got the new fangled water proof fabrics, the new and improved fabric for the soaker, and a fancy snap press. I was stoked!! I sewed and sewed which for me is a trial. I envy people that can sew... I have sewing in my blood. My mother is awesome, my grandmother sewed for a profession and could make anything from a drawing...incredible women. I missed the sewing gene. I LOVE to sew when it goes right but most often the item that I have spent many a hour over ends up in the donate box or trash.
I also have issues with sewing machines.. they don't like me. I have bought NEW three sewing machines in my time, one was broke by movers, one putzed out because???? and the other that I am working with now skips stitches. I have done all I can to see why it is doing that but it is still set in missing a few stitches here and there. I got a wonderful machine form my grandmother it was computerized and did all these really cool stitches... for a while then it decided that sewing backwards was cool.. something in the computer went wonky and that was all she wrote... so you see making 50 diapers was for me a huge undertaking. I was so proud, I showed everyone who I could my cute diapers. Yes they were SO DARN CUTE!!!
The pattern said it would fit a baby tush from 8 pounds to 20. Ya right!! Baby #6 will be 7 weeks on Wednesday and weighs in at around 15 pounds. Do you see the above photos? I am on the LAST snap, and I had to squish those cute chubby thighs to get it snapped.
I am once again sewing and better fabrics...fold over elastic.....May the force be with my sewing machine!

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Tara said...

oh, Heather!!! Good luck with that one! I wish I could come over for a little diaper sewing party and bring my sewing machine (it loves you, you know!) and help out. By the way, I LOVE THOSE BABY LEGS!