Thursday, September 2, 2010

School has started...sniff

We have had a busy summer, at least I think so, it went by so fast. We cut down on the garden,took a milkin break, and bought a pool pass. All of that made for a wonderful summer. We have camped and floated down rivers in canoes. We have spent the summer playing. What a blessing to be able to step back and enjoy things for a bit. I have to say that when school started this year I was sad. I have really had a wonderful summer and it has been because I have a fun family. I have to admit that teenagers can really be cool..... minus the new driving heart attack...16 year olds should NOT be behind the wheel!! The kiddos are growing and I see my sweet girls growing in to lovely young women. Well at least I will have #6 around for a bit longer! Teenagers and baby kisses...motherhood is wonderful!

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Tara said...

Your summer sounds heavenly - just what summer should be. Except for the driving teenagers. :) j/k #1!! :) I bet you're super safe and all that. :) We miss you guys!