Sunday, June 16, 2013

Eggs everywhere!!

We have around 260 laying hens. That many hens scattered around our farm doesn't seem too overwhelming in fact I love to see them running about chasing bugs and scratching in the dirt.  One of the many problems with truly free range laying hens is sometimes they lay their eggs wherever the need arises. Most of the hens go in to the coop and lay in the nesting boxes which makes collecting eggs a breeze, they stay nice and clean and are easy to get to.  Some of the younger hens have decided to lay their eggs in various places on the the bushes,under the trampoline, by the water trough... well you get the picture.  Once the ladies get a bit older they go and lay in the boxes but for now we have to hunt for all the pullet eggs.  The kids think this is great fun, I get rather annoyed when I find them someplace unexpected like on the front porch flower pots!

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