Monday, June 24, 2013

Jam Session

With all that goes on here at the farm I still have some time to play around in the kitchen.  When I first started learning how to preserve food, jam was lesson one.  I love the ability to custom make jams to fit my taste and combine unusual flavors.  We have been making jam to sell at the farmers market and have been received well, I have been surprised that my jams have done so well.  I love all of them but what I like I am not sure others will like.. we did samples of our Rosemary Rhubarb jam this past Saturday and sold every jar!  In the three weeks we have been at market we have sold seventy two jars of jam, wow that is a lot of jam.  I will be busy making cherry jams this week.  I ordered three cases of lovely black cherries totaling a whopping 76lbs, that should make quite a few jars of jam and plenty to snack on as well.

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