Monday, February 24, 2014

Good Bye Plastic Wrap

 I have always had a love hate relationship with plastic wrap..I love that it can keep my food tidy and fresh.   The thought of that plastic being cozy with my food kinda un-nerves me a bit.  Now I know that  plastic people swear that it is totally safe for my cling wrap to contain my food items,but still I worry about the long term effects of such items.  I also hate that plastic wrap is pretty much a one time use sort of thing. I like wax paper but again one use and in the trash it goes.  I thought I would give waxed fabric a try and see if that would work.
 I have a collection of old feed sack cloth, it is 100% cotton and the old prints are so fun.  I cut out a square of fabric and ran it through the serger to hem the edge.  Then I shaved some lovely beeswax.  I bought a old cookie sheet from the thrift and layed my fabric down.  I sprinkled my shaved beeswax over the cloth and put it in a 250 degree oven for about 3 min.
 After I took everything out of the oven I used a cheap paintbrush to push the wax down into the fibers of the cloth.  I hung up my wax infused cloth to let it set.
 After just a few minutes the wax was set.  I love that the wax gives the fabric some body and it sticks top itself just like the plastic wrap.  It does a lovely job clinging to casserole dishes and it looks so pretty surrounding one of the kiddos sandwich.
If the fabric gets soiled I just give it quick swipe with a soft soapy cloth and we are back in business!  I am loving not having to fight that silly plastic wrap!
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