Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We are pretending it is summer.....

 We have had quite a bit of snow here on the farm.  The kiddos and I have made snow ice cream and decided something new was in order.    With more snow predicted for our area we were desperate for thought of summer.  Snow cones!!
I made a simple syrup of sugar water and drink mix.  It was super easy and the kids LOVED having something a bit different. We made two flavors Tropical Punch and Grape.  They turned out perfect (although I really wish they would not put so much food coloring in the drink mix)

                                                               Snow Cone Syrup
                                                                     1 Cup sugar
                                                                     1 Cup Water
                                                                     1 dry drink mix packet
                                                         Combine all ingredients in a small sauce pan
                                                         Stir mixture untill sugar and drink mix are dissolved
                                                         Boil for 1 min.  Let cool and pour over fresh snow. YUM!

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