Monday, December 1, 2008

Driving around the country block


I grew up around horses. I rode everyday for hours as a teenager, all over the place. When we bought this farm we had the desire to have horses. We bought several horses of different breeds and sizes and just couldn't find a good fit. I rode a bit here but it was just not the same. I think that I am getting older and that bouncing about was not what it used to be. I met a gentleman that has farmed with horses all his life. I have always wanted to learn to drive and he agreed to give me lessons. I went every Sunday for about a year. I would arrive at 2pm and start the task of harnessing the horses. We would hitch the team up to various carts and do his farm work with the horses. Some days we would hitch up the spring cart with the fringe and go for a ride around the country block. It is so much fun to drive I really enjoy it.
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