Friday, December 5, 2008

Heroine of the pasture


This is Reina. She is the protector of all. When we first moved to the farm and got chickens, the coyotes had a feast and killed more than 200 birds over a few months time. We were frustrated and decided to get a livestock guardian. I did not really want a big dog. I was afraid that the kids would play with her too much and she would not do her job. I worried that she would not stay in the pasture and end up on the highway. All those worries were for nothing. She is awesome!! We got Reina as a puppy and she has lived her life in the pasture with all the animals. She has been great to have and never leaves the pasture. She spends her nights patrolling the pasture keeping predators at bay. She has done a wonderful job and we have managed to keep the chickens off the coyote menu. She is gentle with the children and has really been good. All those worries were for nothing she is awesome!!
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