Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gladys has a new stanchion!


My sweet husband built another stanchion in the barn. I have been milking Gladys then I take her out and bring in Mabel. Gladys is a cow that really enjoys her grain and will lick and lick to make certain that she has every last grain. Well this takes her some time and while she is licking away I am left just standing there. I have tried to get her out when I think she is finished and she will have not part of that!! She is small but when it cones to her grain you can't move her. I would get annoyed with her because she would take forever, so my awesome man built another stanchion. I can get Gladys in washed,and milked, Mabel in, washed, and milked I also go collect eggs and feed the chickens. Then finally, she is ready to go out. It saves me from just standing around freezing.
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