Thursday, January 22, 2009


Proud Papa

Teak and twins

Kochia and lamb

Maternity ward

We have had a busy last few days. The ewes decided it was time to expand the flock. I went out to milk on Tuesday and noticed the sheep did not come up for breakfast, which is very odd. I was able to see the ram down in the far west barn with the ewes. I called to them and finally the Ram came running up but the ewes stayed put. Hum..... at that point I knew someone had lambed. I got some warm towels and ran down to see what was up. I found all three ewes and two sweet lambs. I was not sure who had lambed or if they were finished lambing. I scooped up the lambs and carried them up to the barn. The ewes followed right along. I put all three ewes and the lambs in the big stall because I thought that one might have another lamb. I got them water and feed and left them to settle in. I checked back in a few hours and Kochia was nursing a very cute white lamb and Triplet was nursing a little black lamb. I got worried because Triplet is huge in the belly and she only had one small lamb, I thought that she might have another lamb that had died or was in trouble. I watched them for 15 min or so and in that time I saw her belly jump all around. So we have a live lamb still in there. This was a full 12 hours after the black lamb was born. I thought it was VERY odd for this to happen but we let them be. I figured she would finish lambing in the night. I came in to milk yesterday and everything was the same??? It was so odd. I called some friends that have sheep to get some advice about Triplet. They said to call the vet. I called two local vets and they both said the same thing. Triplet stole Kochia's baby!!! We think that the black lamb was born first and while Kochia was having the second Triplet adopted the first. She lets him nurse and treats him as if he is hers, yet she still has a belly full of baby. Teak had her babies yesterday evening and they are healthy and strong. We will keep a eye on Triplet, I am worried she will have hers and then reject the little black lamb. She looked like she might be in early labor this morning I'll check back in on her later. Such drama!! Who knew we had a thief on the farm.

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