Saturday, January 17, 2009



Last year when it was time for the ewes to lamb I was sure that this ewe"triplet" was going to have at least twins. Her belly gets so big, it almost touches the ground. At lambing time she just had one HUGE ram. I was shocked at the size of the lamb and he was up and running in no time. He always was the largest and really did well. As we approach lambing time again I see poor triplet with her big belly and wonder again how many she has in there? The other ewes look quite large but triplet is twice the size as the others. Triplet got her name because she was a triplet. Studies have shown that a ewe that came from a triplet birth have a greater chance of giving birth to triplets. In sheep it seems that triplets are quite a genetic thing. I have been really pleased with the sheep they are easy to keep have not required much from us. I would like to see triplet with twins but I am worried that if she does have triplets I will be bottle feeding a lamb. We have raised bottle lambs and it was fine but at that time we had the goats and I could use their milk to feed the lambs. The lambs did well and grew nicely. If we have a bottle lamb this year I will have to buy milk replacer YUCK!! That stuff is horrid it stinks to high heaven and you kinda have to force the lambs to drink it. I would be so happy with a healthy set of twin GIRLS!!! Time will tell I expect lambs over the next few weeks.
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Tara said...

Your pictures are beautiful, and your narration makes small scale farming sound so lovely! I love reading about what's going on out on your farm! Let me know when/if you want help with your CSA docs - I'd love an excuse for a visit. :)