Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Piggie love

We were finally able to get the piggies. We have three very cute happy piggies living in the corner of the upper garden. They seem happy and are quite friendly. We got two females and one male. I am happy at the way they have settled in they got right to work at rooting up the pen they are in. Right now they are in a smaller pen so they can get to know us. They will go out in a larger pasture in a few weeks.

We have been busy in the gardens, the weather has been wet and cold. We are behind a bit on the planting from last year. I hope to get the 400 tomato plants out this weekend and follow with the peppers and warm weather stuff. We are eating lettuce and spinach from the garden and loving it!! Three weeks till first CSA shares go out!!

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Renae said...

Cute little guy (and gals). Have fun with those! My kids tried to talk me into keeping 5 wild bunnies that we found nesting in our raspberry patch. I should just send my kids to your house for a visit with all the animals.