Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Homemade diapers

I have been busy sewing for baby #6. I have just about finished the newborn diapers, I have 21 done minus the touch tape. I had to order the touch tape and it has yet to come. I have two more to sew but I am out of fleece. I hope to go the the city later this week and get some more supplies.
I am very happy with how the diapers are turning out.. I had to buy some fleece and the touch tape the rest I had on hand. I made the inner absorbent layer from some old microfiber towels that my sister had. I did buy some waterproofing spray for the outer layer...but I also made some wool soakers just in case. I have never used that spray so I am not sure how well it works. I need to get going on some bigger ones these are tiny tiny for a newborn. I got a pattern free off the net and it is adjustable. I found some of the waterproof knit and I am anxious to try it out on the bigger ones. I am not too sure how many to make...It has been 6 years since we had to diaper around here and I am a bit rusty! I figured for the new born that I would change every 2 hours or so....but once they get a bit bigger they wet more but less often. I want to have enough to not have to wash every day.. I do laundry every day I just don't want to HAVE to do laundry every day.. you know what I mean???? I think about 30 of the larger ones will be ok. I like sewing again I cut out everything and then sit down and sew assembly line style and it goes really quick. I got 10 done in a little less than two hours so not too time consuming. I think that these diapers are so cute it will make diaper duty almost FUN!!


Anjanette said...

Those look great! We get by with about 15 for my 1 year old. I do have to wash every other day without exception and there are some days like today that he gets to ahem... air out... while the wash is going, but we've managed.

Renae said...

Those are sure cute--I'm just not sure I'd want to do it. But that little baby bum will be stylin'.

Tara said...

WOW!!!! You are amazing (as usual). I've been thinking about cloth diapers, but just can't quite wrap my head around it. :) But if I had adorabe little diapers like those.... Good work!