Friday, May 27, 2011

escape artists

We have had sheep here on the farm for five years without any real problems. The ewes are content to stay in the pasture and graze with treats now and again. They are usually wonderful at keeping the new lambs from wondering off. This year however the lambs have been a huge headache. They really do not want to stay in the pasture with their mothers. They have found treats in the orchard and recently the garden and now have no fears of the electric fence. I have put them back in the pasture as many as 6 times in one day! It was just too much when they discovered the garden, they topped about half of the peppers, ate about 30 cauliflower plants, trimmed the lettuce and cabbages. It didn't bother me too much when they were just eating the grass but when thy started having a salad as well we had to figure something out. We made a weaning pen up by the garden,and moved all the ram lambs there. We had a few days of crying for mama but now they seem to be content. I have been giving them black oil sunflower seeds to win them over with great success. We do not have a butcher date yet so for now I have an audience during my weeding sessions in the garden.

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