Monday, May 23, 2011

New cow........well sort of

This is Darla. She is a Normandy cow. We bought her to add some "beefyness" to our milk cows. She is a small cow and has been milking wonderfully. She came from a local farmer who had never worked with her what so ever. She had never been in a barn, never been touched, never been around a woman ..... you get the idea. She wasn't to thrilled with the idea of milking and I have the bruises to prove it. She is a kicker. I spent many hours working with her and talking to her and finally I got her to come into the stanchion and milked without kicking. YIPPEE!!!
When we bought her the farmer said he would pay for a vet visit just to make sure all was well. We made an apt. with our local large animal vet and loaded Darla in the stock trailer. We get to the vet and first thing he checks her ear for her tattoo from when she was calf vaccinated, this would tell us about how old she was. Well he found it and checked the records only to find that she was vaccinated WAY back in 98!!! UGHHH that means that she is 13 or 14 years old!! Yikes that is pretty old for a cow. I paid a pretty penny for her, top price in fact, and she is really too old for us. The farmer we got her from was with us and he ended up taking her back to his place. I was irritated, he had told me that he thought that she was about 5 or 6, big difference from 13-14. He was a chap and gave me back my money but that doesn't help us with the cow issue.

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Tara said...

After all the kicks and bruises?! Sheesh. I'm glad you got your money back - hopefully you can find another cow from a farmer w/ a better memory. :)