Thursday, May 26, 2011

Missouri Storms

We spent some time in the new basement yesterday, the tornado sirens were going off and the clouds above the farm were churning. It was very scary to say the least. We have a lovely root cellar but it has lots of spiders and creepies that love it as well,so we opted for the basement. Our basement is in the not quite finished addition so we have to go outside and then down a ladder to get there. It was a pain with the kiddos, I will be thrilled when the addition is finished and we can just go down stairs in the house.
The sirens in town went off so the older girls that were in school were ushered down to the basement of the school, they kept them there for about a hour. It is such a worry to have things like this happen and everyone spread all over. #1 was at work, Hunky Hubby was at work also, #3 at school in town and the rest of the family here at the farm. Hubby was in the shelter at work, sirens and tornadoes all over the metro area. I just prayed we would all be safe, I would of felt so much better if we were all together, we survived but all these storms are getting scary.


Jeannette said...

Prayers for those storm hit already....glad to see your update. That's an incredible picture.

Tara said...

So glad you guys are safe - pretty crazy stuff going through this last week!