Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The buffet is open

I went to collect eggs and found that something had gotten in to the chicken coop. The top layer of nesting boxes had two that were broken. I found one dead hen and when I counted it seems that two more are missing. I am not sure it is really hard to count the hens because they keep moving but I counted twice and both times came up two short. This is so frustrating Reina is supposed to keep this from happening. I don't know what went on in the barn but I am worried about the remaining hens. We have lost hundreds of hens to the wildlife and once they know where to get a good hot meal they pretty much clean us out. We will see how things look tomorrow..... just as the girls started laying good Darn it!!!


smoothiejuice said...

oh no! my first chicks are due here next week. I am so worried about this. Good luck to you! I am so sorry!

yarnmamma said...

Hi Heather, I hope this comment goes thru. This is Linda (yarnmamma) from MJ farmgirls.
Sorry to hear about the eggs and hens. Did you get it fixed? Tell us how it is going.

Heather said...

We never figured out what caved in the laying boxes. The neighbors dog got out Tuesday and killed two more chickens!! This is so fustrating!! He offered to pay for the hens but how can he do that? They were 5 months old just starting to lay how can I figure a dollar amount to the loss? Raising the chick and now the income loss from the eggs they would of produced. I wish people would just take care of their own andimals and keep them where they belong!