Saturday, February 28, 2009


We got a good 5-6 inches of snow!! We really haven't had much snow this year so this is kinda nice. The cows were hanging out in the front of the chicken coop watching the snow come down. It took some coaxing to get them to come to the barn. I milked and did the usual chores. All the chickens were all huddled up in the coop and the ewes and lambs would NOT come out for breakfast. I tried to get them to follow me in to the milk barn but they would have none of that. I ended up taking a bale of hay over to them. They were happy to see the hay. I put the hay for the cows in the front of the barn on the snow and they were quickly covered in snow. It looked like the black cows were white. It was really coming down!!

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Renae said...

Looks like you got the same storm we did. Unfortunately we have had snow and we're all sick of it. It sure does look pretty there on your farm--