Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We measured Meatloaf and he is a t about 770! He is 7 months old. He is as tall as Gladys and likes to push her around. It will be a bit before he is bigger than his mama but I bet by this summer he outweighs her. He is a sweet bull and loves to be scratched under his chin, he leads like a dream, we will band him probably this weekend. I have noticed him being a bit bullish and just getting into things. He totally destroyed the fence to the chicken pasture, He goes in there and knocks over the water and gets in to the feed. He is like a toddler he is into everything. I hope that after we band him he will not be such a destroying angel and I can put the barn and pasture back in order.


Carol............. said...

Meatloaf!!! That just cracked me up! What kind of dog is that in the picture?

Heather said...

She is a Maremma, she is the best animal on the farm, without her we would loose everything to the coyotes. She is a huge snugglie bear when we come in the pasture but I have also seen her get really mean when something was in the pasture that was not supposed to be there.