Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bummer lambs

The sweet lady that I bought my ewes from called Saturday, all of her ewes are lambing this week. She has some older ewes that tend to have triplets. When sheep have three the mother tends to leave the first born and tend to the other two and you are stuck with a "bummer lamb". The farmer then has to bottle feed or sell the lamb. She has her grandchildren visiting this week and felt overwhelmed with also tending delicate lambs. She called and asked if we wanted the lambs. I was thrilled to go and get them. She gave me TWO ewes and a ram!!! Wahoo finally a few girls to add to the flock. The lambs are doing great and taking the bottle like a pro. So once again we have major cute factor here on the farm!!


Stasia said...

Congrats on the "free" lambs!

I sure hope your vet was able to take care of your poor dog, arrest any internal bleeding, and give you some decent pain meds for her. Poor thing! Guess you are going to have to leash her when she is outside.

Have a great day!

smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...

so sweet. huge cuteness factor