Monday, March 30, 2009

Vintage posters

I just love these posters. With all the canning and preserving we do here it really is fun to see things like these. I have had many request for canning classes and with the food industry being what it is I can understand why people are feeling unsettled about the food they buy. I have a few friends that can but for the most part I am the most obsessed about it. With feeding five children and a hunk of a husband I want to give them the healthiest food I can. I don't want salmonella as an ingredient in my green beans!!


~~Mikki Jo said...

What a nice blog. I really enjoyed my visit. Will visit again soon. Blessings, Mikki

Renae said...

Go Heather!! I am getting ready to can some soups here this week or next. Even though we probably won't use them until the Fall, I'd just as soon get them out of the way and take advantage of our still cool weather.

Love home canned goodies!!