Thursday, March 26, 2009


We had quite a scare last Tuesday. My dear friend was here to pick up some milk and we were outside chatting, Muffin was out with me as usual. The farmer across the way way working on clearing some underbrush, he had parked his truck on the other side of the street by the mailbox. Now Muffin does not ever go in to the road I thought nothing of her being out with me. Well I guess she was wondering what he was doing and went across the street. As he bent down to pick her up she spooked and ran in to the street to be hit by a semi-truck going way too fast. She tumbled under the truck and I was sure she was gone. The farmer pulled her to the side of the road and I ran to get her. She was bleeding out her nose and having a seizure. I scooped her up and came to the house. As I held her I could feel her heart beating and knew at least for now she was alive. I cleaned her up and just held her and talked to her for a hour. She was in shock and shaking terribly. I made her a bed and covered her up and left her. She layed in that spot for two days and then she got up and acted pretty normal. I do think that she has broken/cracked ribs but all else is good! I think she will make a full recovery!! What a blessing I was right there when she got hit and I was sure that that truck had done a great deal of damage. She is a sweet dog and the children would of been heartbroken with her loss. She must have a guardian angel looking out for her!

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smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...

what a scare!! i am so happy for you!