Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We banded the bull calves. They are very unhappy with me, they are moving slow and will not let me near them. I don't blame them much I tricked them into the stanchion so we could do the deed. They have never been uncomfortable for any reason their whole life so this is a huge shock. It will most likely take a day or so for them to feel better. I feel bad that we have to do this but it would be so uncool for Meatloaf to breed his mom.

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Sam I Am...... said...

Oh Heather...I LOVE your farm!!!! And the pics! I had to sell mine a few years back because of illness and now I am trying to find another now that I am "back in the saddle". Looking at your animals just makes me SMILE BIGTIME!!! You're just like me...I always made up stories of what the animals were thinking or "saying" to me and they would make me laugh out loud....still do even with just a dog and a cat! Thank you so much for this blog...I will be checking regularly! What fun!