Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mary Janes Farm

Here is our article in Mary Janes Farm. I am happy that we were chosen to be in the article, she has a way of making farming glamorous. I like her style and felt that it would be a good fit. This issue also has a article about milking cows! I love the recipes and am wanting to make the milkmaid apron. I hope ya all go and check out Mary Janes Farm she also has a cute site


Michelle said...

Do they have the magazine at Borders where I can just pick it up I wonder? I'd love to see your article!!

LBP said...

YAY! I have never seen this magazine before. Next time I am in B & N I will see if they have it! Congratulations!



Tara said...

Yahoo! Congrats, Heather - definitely something to crow about. :)