Sunday, May 3, 2009

Outside Fun

I let the lambs outside for the first time. They were not sure what they were supposed to do they just stood together and cried. Reina was a good mother hen and stayed by them all day. I want them to graze and be sheep. I was hoping that the other sheep would come and hang out with the babies, but they just stood watching them cry. I did see one nibbling grass and seemed to know what to do but the other two just kinda stood at the gate and cried. It was a bit much I would think that they would have no voice left after all that bawling. I plan on letting them out during the day when I am around and putting them back in the barn at night. I am also trying to teach them to drink from a bucket. I have been giving them a bottle three times a day and now they are old enough to get milk from a bucket. Things are very busy with the gardens and orchard that I just don't have the time to feed them three times a day. I put milk in a bucket this morning and the one drank but the others just jumped around in a frenzy looking for the bottle.. I hope they get the hang of the bucket.
I have spent every moment that I can planting in the gardens. So far we have only planted a third of the gardens.. The upper garden is pretty much done I have to finish out the pepper row and then I will work in the lower garden. I bought 10 more fruit trees and they have been planted and fertilized. I have 100 red raspberry canes that need to got out I hope to get them in tomorrow. Cherry tomatoes are out and this week the big tomatoes will be in.. there are 350 tomato plants waiting... it seems like a ton of tomatoes but I sell out every week!! Things are looking good so far.


Michelle said...

Oh they are SO cute!! Poor things probably don't know what to do. :) New on your blog..discovered you through Sugar Pie Farmhouse! Love your blog!!

Michelle :)

Shawnee said...

I just read through your blog. WOW, what a fun and full life on the farm. I'd love to hear your back story of what you were doing in the Caribbean before this adventure!