Monday, May 18, 2009


I was in the orchard checking things out and was surprised to find baby peaches,cherries,apricots and apples on the trees!! I was quite worried that we would not have any fruit. We have had some spring storms that brought cold wet weather during the bloom time on the trees. I am so pleased with the progress of the orchard. We have added seven new trees this year bringing the total to 33 trees! I hope they all do well and we have loads of fruit.
We had the first delivery for the CSA this past Saturday. It is hectic and difficult to get back in the swing of things. I hired a gal to help harvest and she was rough on the lettuce.. it did not look as good as I wanted and I did not see this until we were unloading. We forgot that one of the fridges we use runs cold and froze 40 heads of beautiful romaine.. DARN!! The weather was windy and colder than predicted.. the shade canopy was not able to be put up because the wind was fierce... I know that in a few weeks things will fall in to place and get running smoothly. In the meantime I am frazzled....

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Jenny said...

We live in Pennsylvania and have a peach tree in our back yard. Last year we got peaches for the first time! Just before they were ready to pick, a giant wind storm ruined everything. This year it has been so cold, our tree hasn't even got a blossom on it yet. So sad. Glad your fruit is doing well!